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Legal Stuff: Privacy and the SCOPEVision "Learning License"

Have you always wondered what you could do with Web site materials?  What we could do with information you may provide us in emails?


Identifying information disclosed in emails sent to the site or otherwise to SCOPEVision will not be shared with anyone else, unless you consent.  SCOPEVision LLC may correspond with you directly, unless you tell us to stop.

Copyright License

Now for the good news.  With marking as described here, you have the right to use any of these materials on this site for not-for-profit purposes so long as SCOPEVision LLC is the business that owns the copyright and the SCOPEVision service mark is properly used.  On each page of SCOPEVision materials (those downloaded from this site or otherwise displaying the SCOPE tools) prepared for distribution or display, where the SCOPEVision LLC notice does not already appear, include the following notice:

Copyright 2004-2017 Richard Pennington.  All Rights Reserved.  Permission Granted.

"Not-for-profit" use includes expense reimbursements in connection with conducting presentations and the furnishing of meals (as is commonly done) but does not include receipt of honoraria. 

I reserve the right to terminate licenses granted in accordance with the rules on this page upon 30 days written notice, furnished to the email address provide below or otherwise.   For example, by way of illustration and not limitation (sorry for the legalese), if we find out that SCOPEVision was launched in a grand fashion as the next flavor-of-the-month, installed and then mandated by leadership without their engagement, and toxic cynicism has erupted, termination of the license might be an option. This paragraph means that the license is revocable, but plenty of time is given to find another quality management model to "launch and install."

The Catch?  Give Us a "Learning Notice"

The license above is conditional on your providing a notice to me ( that identifies the user, user's email address, date and location of the use, and a brief description of how SCOPEVision was used.  I hope that you will help me learn from you by telling me what worked, what didn't, and how you would change or add to the SCOPEVision tools.  By using SCOPEVision, you allow me to contact you at least once to find out more about how this model worked and how it might be improved.  This won't be a contact to solicit work.  As we said at the top of this page, after that one contact, you can then tell us to stop contacting you, and we will.

Unconventional License?  Yes 

We know that this is a bit unconventional, but we are trying to make SCOPEVision available to you to use if you think it might be helpful in improving your operations.  Email SCOPEVision LLC if you have any questions about the scope of this license.  Also, let us know if this doesn't meet your need for understanding the legal rules.  We want you using SCOPEVision, and if this frightened you off, then we failed!

License v10 11-27-2017


Copyright 2004-2018 Richard Pennington.  All Rights Reserved. Email